Andra  Hendrie 

Andra's love of art started early in her childhood where she was raised on a farm near LaSalle, Colorado. She has always loved nature and was fascinated with animals of all kinds.

She still loves horses and as she has advanced in her painting skills, continues to paint them. Her media can change according to the subject that may lend itself to pastel, oil, watercolor or a combination  of watercolor and pastel. She is open to new and different techniques. Contrast and color are important to her as she explores new horizons.

She has taught all ages from 4 to 80+.  She believes in each person and tries to bring out their hidden talent even if they don't see it. She has been teaching classes and workshops since 1966.

She was influenced by her aunt and grandmother who were very good artists. She is a native Coloradoan and loves the mountains she gets to see every day. She says "God gave us so much to enjoy in life, and it is up to us to do the best with what He has given us...Keep learning and you can expand your dreams beyond what you ever imagined you could do."

Her originals are available in Giclee prints and cards. Her work can be seen in several galleries and private collections.



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